The questionnaire is divided into three parts. The first part asks for information about you and your family. The second part asks for information about your assets. The third part of the questionnaire is intended to assist you to decide what should be in your Will. While you may not be able to answer all the questions in Part 3, you will at least have an opportunity to think about them before we meet. The form may not elicit from you all the information you wish to give us or which we will wish to obtain from you. Please make note of all additional information concerning you, your family, assets, and liabilities you feel may be necessary or helpful to us in advising you.

Please note that the questionnaire assumes that only British Columbia law applies to you. If this situation is not the case, it may be necessary for you to consult a lawyer in another jurisdiction about your Will. We would be pleased to assist you with that. Unless expressly requested to do so, we will not check the names of the registered owners of assets but will rely on the information you give us. We ask that you complete as much as possible of this form before we meet because it will provide us with essential information and help us to identify the items we should discuss with you. Please complete only one questionnaire per couple. 

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