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July 15, 2019 Will or no Will? A simple question that one may struggle to answer with confidence and certainty. If this question does not elicit thought in your mind, you must embrace uncertainty. Much like weather in Vancouver. Or the stock market. However, for those who are on the verge of major personal and […]

July 8, 2019 Having a Will also enables you to make a contribution to a charity or non-profit organization that you or a family member may have a particularly strong association with. The decision to plan a gift for tomorrow will also bring you benefits today. By creating your own legacy, you can take some […]

July 3, 2019 Recent changes to the Income Tax Act over the past year now permit individuals at least 65  years of age to develop Alter Ego Trusts and Joint Spousal Trusts. For some, this may be an attractive estate planning vehicle and can serve as an alternative to a Will. Similar to an Alter […]

  March 19, 2019 Supreme Court of Canada considers Henson Trusts in S.A. v. Metro Vancouver Housing Corp. Canada’s top court reviews the concept of Henson Trusts for the first time in a case involving a B.C. woman with disabilities. What are Henson (discretionary) Trusts?  Henson Trusts are a common way for people to plan […]

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